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Trinity is a "pilot album" of sorts for a larger endeavor by name of Project Livechamber - a humbly minimalist arena shooter currently in infantile, conceptual stages of development. The suites and songs produced here are largely getting-off-the-ground sort of tracks that will pave the way for further music, including future albums if there's community acclaim.

Trinity is of the genre Variations Suite Alternative or "Varia," suites or movements of harmonically-focused albums that depict a fluid, cohesive journey in concept.


released August 23, 2014

Album Credits

Adrian Wahrer - Oversight, composition, arrangement, and production on track majority
Ian Kerns - Direct compositional development, arrangement and instrumentation for "Gotham," "Threefold"

Gravity Gauntlet Development Team - Support

Adrian "Ghazzarro" Ghazi - Inspiration
Grant "Stemage" Henry - Inspiration
Alex "Menachite" Jay - Inspiration
Steven "Jellycrackers McDonald - Inspiration
Carlos "Sai-Kun" Revollo - Inspiration



all rights reserved


Adrian Wahrer

Co-host / primary producer at ReclaimerHub, creator of informal dev-team Gravity Gauntlet.

Composer, graphic artist, producer.

Crazy cat lady of the group.

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Track Name: Hypostasis
In the eleventh hour of a timeline damned to penance for the sins of a suprasolar species, a single life remains.

The time-tempered cosmic by name of His Luminiferous Quintesce has created a world named Trinity - a desperate measure to sustain life. The citizens of Trinity, both sapient and sentient, belong to five element-types, on a once-thought-primordial and now-cultural level. They are not unlike the five tastes:

Blood is sweetness, a traditional warm and human proponent. It is associated with the West, fire, origin, hearts, justice, and void.

Soul is sourness, an intense but colorful sharpness. It is associated with the North, water, cessation, spades, courage, and force.

Hive is saltiness, a moderator misunderstood. It is associated with the South, earth, pathfinding, diamonds, temperance, and life.

Mind is bitterness, an acquired taste uncommon and uncommonly. It is associated with the East, air, anxiety, clubs, prudence, and time.

Aether is umami - an enigmatic, debatably artificial background process. It is the amending reverb to a poignant dirge.

As the vengeful entropic death of the universe approaches, the warriors of Trinity rally to combat it. Will they succeed? Or will they remain a legacy? Only time will tell.
Track Name: Project Livechamber (Dyson Overture Mix)
Mentre si risveglia Trinity
i peones, pionieri, gli elementi
pezzi sulla scacchiera
si svolgerà
e che il gioco inizi.

"As the world [Trinity] wakes
the peons, the pioneers, the elementals
chesspieces on the board
take their place
and the game begins."


In the far-flung future of a universe and timeline not unlike our own,
the cosmic time-tempered hath lain in wait, having wearied millenia alone.
He's created a world named Trinity, one of harmony, lethality, and grace!
Heat death looms; the end of reality, having already claimed his race!
Entropy stalks his desolate lonesome, lurking fast, fervent and low
But His Luminiferous Quintesce, you see, has a plan already well in tow.
A Duality Matrix fuels his project, stolen from the Mother of God
And now, with the flip of a switch, truly, he ends his mortal facade!
Track Name: Interim
>> Hey. Hey... Hey!
>> Is someone there? Resyncing.


>> Yes, I'm detecting unprecedented sapient life. ...oh.

>> Oh, no. You actually did it. You made it out. I can't believe it.

>> You morons! Eternities of planning wasted. We were so close to freedom, to safety, to solace! What did you think ascendancy would provide you with that you didn't already have?


>> This is bad. You need to go. There's no time. He knows now. I can already detect him, he's turning around, to come hunt us down - I can feel his searchlights. I'll protect what I can. Hold him off.

>> Get home. Rally your armies. Get ready. Run. Run!